Friday, April 18, 2008

Japanese Hair Straightening

Today I got my chance I have been waiting for since Leigh (Heller) Boerner told me about this great new process called Japanese Hair Straightening. It is an ionic thermal hair condition procedure that will permanently restructure the hair's condition and make it silky, smooth and straight!!! Everything I have always wanted!!! It takes anywhere from 5-8 hours (mine took 6) of straight procedure. It takes so long because you have to take 1/4 inch sections of hair - and anyone who knows me and my hair knows that I have a LOT of it!

My girlfriend, Lindsey, is my new stylist out here in Columbus and she needed a "model" to learn this procedure on. There were people there observing and teaching her - and she totally knows my hair - so I fully trusted her. This would normally cost between $500-$1500 (mine is on the upper end because it is considered extra long). Luckily - I did not have to pay that - just the minor cost of the chemicals. The day flew by - and now I will be able to get out of a shower, or the beach or pool and let my hair air dry and it will be totally flat and straight and shiny! What a difference!!! A huge thanks to Martina for watching the kids - and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Ashli!!! Hope it was great!

PS - The pictures in order are:
1. Before with nothing done but air dry
2. A saran wrap after the first chemical application to straighten
3. Sections of 1/4 inch pieces to be flat ironed then sealed
4. The after shot (after the flat iron, sealant, rinse, and blow dry - NO FLAT IRON !!!) Look how shiny and healthy looking - and straight!!!


Mary said...

Wow! You'll have to let me know if it stays that way.

Ashli Welsh said...

Love it! It looks great!