Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Friendly neighbors

So we were introduced to some new neighbors of ours accidentally. One of the members of our spouse/moms group brought a new spouse/mom from her church whose husband will be starting anesthesia this year at Patrick's hospital (if that makes any sense). Turns out, they moved in right across the street!!! Well, a little diagonal but a spits distance away regardless. Her name is Angie, her hubby is Cory and they have three daughters. We were obviously meant to be friends because listen to her kids names: Kelly (5), McKenna (2 1/2) and Camille (4 months). Ok - so no relation to Camille but Kelly and McKenna?!?! How weird is that! For those not in the know - McKenna is Patrick's mom's maiden name and Evelyn's middle name. Anyway, they are these cute little red heads and Gavin already asks to go to Kenna and Kelly's house! Today we stopped by to play in their little pool in the back and have some Popsicles. I posted a pic of the three of them! Too cute!

Ashli Welsh and I also went to the hospital to meet the new intern class during orientation and give any info to them regarding our significant others support group. We had lots of people sign up their spouses - let's see how many spouses actually come! There were a lot of women who wanted their hubbys to join but I doubt that will happen. Guys get weird with stuff like that. I hope they join - but am not holding my breath. We will meet them all on Friday night at the intern welcome party so we'll see!

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punky_anna said...

Those girls are way cute! Gavin is such a ladies man!