Friday, June 29, 2007

Stupid rash - AGAIN!

So it's back. The nasty itchy yucky rash is back. The day after my meds were done it came back. Not as bad - but it still drives me crazy. I luckily got to the dermatologist today, where he spent all of about 5 minutes looking at it and talking to me. He says it doesn't matter what form of "contact dermatitis" it is - all that matters is that it should stop within the next week. If not, back to the office next friday for a hard-core injection of some shot! Please God, let this be gone by then! The old wounds are healing finally so I don't want to look like that gross leper anymore. The doc gave me some cream to rub on to help the itch but we'll see if it helps.

I am attaching some cute pics my friend Ashli took yesterday while she watched my kids (while I was at my primary docs office). Her mom just got her kids a ball pit so this is them playing. You can see how big they are getting! I am also attaching a pic my friend Mary took of some cards I (and some other friends) made for her to sell to raise money for Down's Syndrome. And Patrick says all I do is spend money on scrapbooking stuff and never make anything! Well here are 48 cards to show him!!! 16 sets of three cards!!! It was so fun to make them and I like the way they turned out!

Tonight we are going to the Intern Welcome Party. I am excited, and our friends Nancy and Weslea made some great favors to give out. What I am not excited for is that the place we are going is filled with poison ivy - so I am going to try to stay inside as much as possible!!! NO MORE FUNKY RASHES FOR ME!!!! (I feel like I sound like a $5 hooker).

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