Sunday, June 24, 2007

This pill is driving me crazy!

So one of the "funny" things that happened while back in PA was that I got a nasty case of poison ivy. And since I am allergic to it - I was not a pretty site. Patrick wouldn't even hug me - not for fear he would get it (because he is immune to it) but because I was so hideous! Anyway, after a week of itching, scratching and spreading it all over my body - I finally went on some medication (Prednisone) to control it. I know some of the side effects - but still had to take it.

The worst is the mood swings. I was warned I would feel great for thee first three days (and did - "inappropriate happiness" is the side effect then) and then I would taper down and start to feel more "down". Patrick was laughing at me and my craziness/moodiness last night because he could totally tell it was the meds talking!

The other bad thing is that I am trying to lose these last G.D. 10 pounds that my lovely daughter gave me while I was pregnant with her. I am working out, eating better (trying the south beach thing) and getting good rest - but to NO avail! I actually have gained 2 more pounds. Until Patrick reminded me last night that people on prednisone get swollen, puffy, retain water, etc. I was about to kick the diet and working out - but I guess I'll keep trying to see if I get results after this medication.

The worst part is I still look like a leper or something. I have these lesions that are scarring over but I look like I have herpes all over!I am just in one of those "I feel fat and ugly" moods. Patrick says I should stop watching "The Girls Next Door (the funniest show ever about the playmate/hugh hefner girlfriends) because I am getting depressed that I don't look like them. Not that I ever did!! :-) But I just can't get my belly back to shape. I know all the moms out there are reading this and laughing...some gave up, some got surgery to help it and others just suck and lose it no problem. But with Italy 3 weeks away - I want to look better. I have the "mom pants" look, the FUPA, whatever - so please give me any ideas to help!!!

OK - I am done with the rant. On another note - Gavin is in the potty training process now! We found a cool training kit with Toy Story stuff (his newest fav) so it works perfectly. He has not gone yet - but sits patiently which I thought would be the hardest part for him. We are really going to work on it this week because it is Patrick's last week before he starts Children's. Keep your fingers crossed!

PS - The pic is one my friend Leah took at our scrapbooking/stamping class. I don't have any of myself because I am always the picture taker so I thought I would post for those who haven't seen me in a while. This does not show my fatness too much! But notice the long sleeves - I am covering my poison ivy up!

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