Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fountain Park

So we had our weekly playgroup at fountain park today. This place is so cool. It is this giant cement area (not the greatest surface for kids) that has these sprinkler like things that shoot water out. Some are really high, some low. Some are waterfountains. Gavin ran around like mad for over 2 hours, as well did most of the kids. Sarah and Josh also met us and we had a great turnout from the group. The Youngs, Welshes, Williams, Petersons, Stuckis, Elliotts, Johnsons and Carozzas (I think I got everyone) came, as well as three new moms!!! Britt DeMill (ortho), Angie Christensen (anesthesia) and Jessica Clearfield (family med). Evelyn chilled in her stroller for a while so I was able to mingle which was nice. But each time I would try to go play with Gavin he would say "No! Mommy go play with other moms". He's too cool for me. He would play with his friends and then go off and run around by himself too. I am glad he is independent and confident enough to do that! It makes me crazy thinking how fast he is growing up! I posted some pics other people took since the camera is still broken. In the one pic you can see me trying to spot where Gavin is since I wasn't allowed too near him. I put him in a bright orange rash guard shirt so he was easy to see.

They both obviously took good naps after that so I could relax a bit and clean up. Patrick worked all day (which is unlike most days this month) but he came home and we had a nice dinner. Low Carb of course!

And for those interested - I am done the predisone but as soon as I stopped - my rash/ivy is back. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and will probably need an emergency derm appointment (since it takes a year to make one). It is spreading and the old stuff is coming back. Whatever it is - it sucks!

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Anonymous said...

I need to find a group like this around me for kaleigh and I. It looks like you guys have so much fun.