Saturday, April 12, 2008

You gotta know when to walk away...

Last night, Ashli invited Gavin and I to join her and Nathan to go see a play at her old high school (I believe in make believe). I was a bit wary - since it started at 8, which is Gavin's bedtime, but Ashli assured me it was only an hour or so long, so we decided to go. It was a typical high school musical/play with a lot of fall down humor, so Gavin enjoyed most of it. Nathan had seen the play last week and loved it - so we expected the same this week.


Unfortunately, after many unanswered attempts by Ashli to get tickets in advance, we got there right as the play was beginning and got the last 4 tickets available together - which were in the highest row of the bleachers (still a great view though). The bad part was that as we all know, hot air rises, and with a sold-out small auditorium and the hot spotlights right next to us, it was getting mighty warm and quick. Our cheerful boys slowly deteriorated and started whining and crawling in our laps. In an attempt to cool them off, Ashli took off Nathan's sweatshirt, but he was going downhill fast. Gavin was also antsy to "go downstairs" - which was not an easy feat since high school kids were seated in the steps off the bleachers all the way down to the ground level from where we were. But as soon as I heard Nathan say "Mommy, I feel like I am going to throw up" and "I feel like poop has to come out" - I knew we had to get out quick!!!

I know we made a total commotion getting down (only about 1/2 way though the show might I add) but it was so hysterical to see us. Man, how old are we, carrying out our little boys who are too overheated and threatening to puke all over the people in the rows below us? What a funny sight - if it wasn't happening to us! But once we got outside (and got a little food in Nathan's belly), all was better. He crashed 2 seconds after we drove through a McDonalds - but Gavin toughed it out and stayed until we got home.

A big thanks for the night out to Ashli though - and a little special time with Mommy and the big boys and also for Mason - our neighborhood babysitter!!! (with a little help from mom, Christa!)

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Ashli Welsh said...

Well, you win some and you lose some...