Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend was so nice! We literally spent ALL day outside yesterday. From about 10am until 7pm. Partly because I was waiting for a stupid lawn care guy to come by (who said he would) but never came. It didn't matter - we would have been outside either way, but maybe not in our backyard the whole time! I am pretty bummed because I was having too much fun and did not get my camera to capture the moments. My neighbor did - so hopefully I'll snag some pics from her and post them.

Two of my favorite things about spring/summer is blowing bubbles with kids and grilling with friends. And we did BOTH! Besides playing on our new playset (and both of our neighbor's swingsets) I whipped out Evelyn's new bubble machine the Easter Bunny brought and some of our other fancy dancy bubble things. I literally sat with almost all the immediate neighborhood kids and blew bubbles and chased them for over an hour! Evelyn took a great long nap so I was able to act like a kid myself without having to chase her around too much! But even when she woke up she was just into playing too! She has quickly learned to climb up and slide down herself on our new playset and she loves to be a big girl and do it herself! And I love it because I can sit back and relax (with a watchful eye of course).

Then Angie and girls stayed over (their Daddy was on call) and we grilled some burgers and dogs and made some french fries. The kids didn't eat much - they were into playing - but just the smell of the grill makes me happy because I know warm weather is coming! I LOVE IT! It does make me miss Patrick even more though!


Mary said...

Oh, what fun! We blew bubbles this morning!

Kandice, Paul & Girls said...

Oh, how fun. I was just thinking we need to get some outside toys. Could it really be true, could it be getting warmer!