Thursday, February 4, 2010

gymnastics and valentines

So I think my last post about gymnastics (last year) was about how Evie was most likely going to get kicked out. Well, guess what?!?!!? She is doing AWESOME! She has moved up and is now in the class without me, which is why I think she is doing so much better. She is such an independent little thing, so I think she needs her freedom. Anyways, she is doing great and loves it. Gavin is still the only boy in his class but I think he doesn't mind ;-) Brenna and Alexa (his buddies) are also in there and he has gotten to know the other girls too. I think he is just excited about gymnastics as Evelyn is! I love thursday mornings when they realize they are going to gymnastics and they listen to me, get dressed on time, Evie asks for her 'gymnastics hair', and they play with their friends there. It rocks!!!

This week, we also had the Welshes over to make Valentine's cards. Special Agent Oso (a tv show) had on how to make v-day cards, so the kids were all into it. Gavin even remembered how they describbed to draw a heart, and did a great job, ifidosaysomyself. He also made a card for himself... "because it is important to love yourself." I couldn't have said it any better!

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Mary said...

So fun! I want to get Leah involved in something. Maybe gymnastics would be cool.