Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I love having a girl...and other random thoughts

This is just a cute pic of blue eyes!!! Sorry for the bad quality - it was from my phone.

This is why I love having a girl. When I was in elementary school I absolutely HATED having my hair done (just ask anyone who knew me and my hair then). In middle school, some of my friends taught me how to do fun things - like braid and french braid, etc. Those techniques got more education from my aunt who would teach me while we were on vacations and from friends who became hair dressers and from college roommates and from sorority sisters.

So as soon as Evelyn started getting hair long enough to grab, I got her used to me tugging and pulling on her strands to make cute hair dos. She is very fortunate to have beautiful hair to begin with, it looks cute even when I don't do anything. But all the new bows, and bands, and hats, and barrettes...make doing her hair even more fun. I follow hair-do blogs now and learn fun new techniques. Today I did an inside-out braid (reverse braid, bone braid - it has different names). It looks super cute - and Patrick thinks I am wonder woman for being able to do cute things with her hair.

Today we also put up Gavin's storage unit (thanks Autumm) and labeled his toys. The kids get so excited to clean up and they help one another pick up their rooms. It is by far, the best parenting move I have made :-)

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