Thursday, August 23, 2007

Italy - Day 3

Today was our trip to Pompei. We got to the train station right on time with no problems. We did run into some problems when we had to switch trains - twice!!! I am not a public transportation girl, so I was totally confused but caught the hang of it in time. Once we got to Pompei, we had lunch right outside the station and walked about a mile or two to get to Pompei. Bad idea. It was hot and we had 4 older folks and a baby too! But we survived and made it. Once we got there, though, we did not get a map of the place so we were just wondering aimlessly. Another bad idea. Although there is a ton to see, we came mainly to see the statues of the victims. And we couldn't find them anywhere! We walked for hours and even had one of the older ladies quit and just sit down and wait for us to some get her when we left. Finally I asked someone to see their map and we were able to find one of the areas which was right near the exit. We saw it for about 3 minutes - and it was quite depressing. I am glad we went, but overall the day was LONG!!!

When we got back, Patrick and I went out for pizza. I think I like American Pizza better! Anyway, the dinner was great and we had a blast. We were quite spent though and went back to the hotel - hoping to go to sleep. But the guys had other plans. They decided to throw Denny and impromptu bachelor party. I wasn't going to go, but there was another wife there who wanted me to join too - so I bucked up and went. Mistake #3 of the day. If you ever go to Italy and want to go to a strip club during the week - DON"T! It costs us $10 Euro to get in (each) and then we realized that it was not a strip club - it was a (how should I say this?) - a place to get hookers. Once we realized this everyone wanted to leave but the pimp guy made us pay for what it would have cost - $400 euro. So Patrick was pretty drunk (which always annoys me) and then we have to pay all the money we had left (about $100 euro) just to leave. Let's just say I was in a "leave-me-alone" mood all night and the next day. Luckily Patrick was too sick and hungover to come to the beach so I had some alone time the next day to cool down... More on that day later!

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