Thursday, August 23, 2007

Italy Day 4

Continuing from the last post - I spent most of the morning and day by myself, laying on the beach and walking around Terracina. Patrick was HUNG-OVER! Anyway, while cruising around the town I ran into Denny's Aunt and Uncle, Mom and Dad and friends. They had a place on the beach where you rent the space. Even though I had my own nice little section at our hotel, I joined them for some fun. I eventually went and got Patrick and managed to drag him out of bed to come play. It was gorgeous outside (come to think of it - it was gorgeous every day - not even 1 cloud in sight). We stayed there for a while then went back to get ready for the rehearsal dinner party. It was at his/his in-laws house outside of town.

They had it catered but it was still awesome food (of course). And even though I didn't speak the same language as most of the people there, it was still so fun. Love is definitely a universal language. Those crazy Italians know how to party though! As an Italian tradition, Denny had to write and sing a song to Katia. He made up the words to the song "Don't cry for me Argentina" but made it into something about Terracina. Very clever! And very romantic! His brother-in-laws whipped out their guitars and played background for him. ***On a side note, all the songs over there are American songs so they can sing the words perfectly with no accent - but they have no clue what they are saying!!! It was crazy!

We ate, drank and danced into the night. Dessert was my favorite!!! There were so many good things to choose from! I gained all my weight back that I lost though - but it was worth it! Love was definitely in the air and fun was had by all - even hungover Patrick.

***Another side note - By this point I was comfortable enough not to call the kids every other hour to check on them so I really was able to let go and have fun!

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