Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Italy Trip - Arriving Day

Even though we went to Italy over a month ago - it still is so fresh in my mind. The trip was great - especially for Patrick and me to regroup and spend time as a couple sans the kids. The flight was great. We flew EuroFly and had our own tv screens to watch movies, play games or listen to music. Since it was a red-eye we spent most of the time sleeping - except for when the 3 year old next to us was screaming for over an hour. Poor kid and poor mom. Anyway, it was a pleasant trip. Upon arriving, we waited for over an hour for luggage until we realized it was on a different belt then what they once we figured it out, we picked up our stuff and met Denny and Katia right away!

One thing I was not prepared for was the amount of graffiti and trash there was. And how much gas cost!!!! But I guess their government is way different then ours. It was still beautiful, despite that. It took about 2 hours to get from Rome to Terracina by car - but what really amazed me was the craziness of the drivers. Denny calls it "organized chaos". Pretty true. People would go whizzing by - even if it was only one lane. And there were scooters everywhere! It was actually fun - once I just imagined I was in a video game, and not real life. If I would think it was real I would have been petrified!

Denny dropped us off at our hotel (which was so gorgeous) and we spent a bit of time sleeping on the beach. Then we were off to Denny's brother-in-laws place. They live in old town which is this ancient part of the city (older than Rome) up on top of the hill that overlooks the Mediterranean. The streets were cobblestone and it was 100% old-Italian charm. It was exactly what I wanted to see! We arrived at this small house/apartment - but inside they used every inch of space to capacity. And his bro-in-law (Danielo) was a designer so it was so chic/modern/beautiful. They had a great table that opened up to accommodate all of us. Me, Patrick, Denny, his parents, his aunt and uncle, Katia, her parents, Danielo and his wife. It was great. And the food was fantastic! True, authentic Italian! Of course, we weren't prepared for the SEVEN courses, so Patrick loaded up on course one because he was starving, and barely made it to the final round (dessert). I saved up my room just for the dessert! It was a perfect evening, and even though I didn't speak the same language as half the people there - it was still so welcoming and loving.

One funny moment - Danielo was giving Patrick and me some really good wines to taste and he pulls Patrick over and asks him (in the best English he could muster), "So, you lika my wife?" (instead of wine).
Patrick didn't really know what to say!!! He immediately realized his mistake - but it was the running joke of the week.

Another funny moment - When Denny says the only way to keep an Italian woman quiet is to tie up her hands.

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