Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NMB Day 6

How do you simultaneously irritate five kids?

Step 1: Load them all into car seats
Step 2: Take them...SHOPPING!

Yes, that's right, we went outlet shopping. Ian couldn't believe that we would go shopping when there was a beach so close, but being girls we couldn't resist. There was an outlet mall about 10 minutes away from the house, and so we decided that we had to check them out. I got quite a few shirts for Nathan for this fall and a couple of pairs of shoes and even a couple of shirts for myself. I even managed to find one sweatshirt for Carter, who, although is fully stocked for the fall with Nathan and Gavin's hand-me-downs, deserves at least one new thing that is all his. The kids were pretty good, but after a couple of hours they had had enough and we were all hungry, so we headed home.

After lunch and naps it was off to the pool again, but this time Kelly and I took Nathan and Gavin by themselves and attempted to re-live our teenage years with contests to see who could do the most front flips, handstands, and walking on our hands underwater. (Mostly I just ended up inhaling a lot of water.) Kelly won hands down, but I suspect she has been practicing when no one else is looking... (*** Side note from Kelly - I haven't been practicing - I am just that good!!! Heehee)

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