Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NMB Day 2

Today began with a trip to Wal-Mart. Seeing as we had only enough stuff to scrape by on breakfast, we decided that we needed some groceries. After all, the bottle of Malibu we brought wouldn't hold the kids off for long. So, after breakfast we loaded up all five kids and headed off to Wally World.

I have to say, the kids were pretty good. At first. After a couple of hours though, it was getting close to lunch time and the cheese and cookies weren't doing it for them anymore. Therefore, the entire time we were ringing up our purchases we had no fewer than three screaming kids at all times. Our receipt, by the way, ended up being over a foot and a half long.

After we finished up there we headed home, unpacked, and got the kids fed and ready for naps. Carter and Hailey were both pretty upset at being in pack and plays in new rooms, so Hailey screamed herself to sleep and I rocked Carter after trying the "let him cry it out" method. He screamed for over a half an hour and then fell asleep on my shoulder immediately after I picked him up.

In the afternoon we headed over to the pool for the first time. The kids had a great time playing in the water and we wore them out enough to come home, eat dinner, and head off to the playground before coming home for baths and bed. It was nice to have a low key day after our long car trip the day before, and the pool and playground wore the kids out so that they all went down without a hitch. (Side note from Kelly - Gavin learned to swim on his own with his floaties!!!)

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