Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NMB Day 7

Today was the marathon beach day. We learned a lot about how not to do the beach with five kids, and it went a lot smoother than the first time. Kelly and I headed over at about 10am with the boys and Cara stayed behind with the girls with the intention of meeting us later at lunchtime and bringing us, well, lunch. It was high tide when we got there, but it was going out so pretty soon it had receeded leaving behind a tide pool that ran the length of the beach and was only about six inches deep. It was perfect for the kids to play in without worrying about a wave catching them and they played for hours in the water and sand.

After lunch the girls joined us and they too had a blast playing, although Hailey devoured sand by the mouthful and Evelyn tried with no luck to eat a shell. At one point in time Nathan had to go potty and decided to drop his swim trunks and try his luck right there in the waves. (Mommy caught him in time) Other than that, We only had two small sunburned spots, one on my back that was obviously where I couldn't reach well, and the other was Nathan's plumbers crack where his swim trunks kept sliding down. If you're going to have a sunburn, that's a pretty funny place to have one...

Needless to say the kids were really tired after 6+ hours at the beach, and Nathan was the only one who stayed awake on the way home, but they all had a great time and went to bed easily that night.

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