Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Myrtle Beach - Intro Day 1

So 2 days after we got back from Italy, the kids and I packed up and headed to North Myrtle Beach for a 3 week vacay! Our friends (Ashli (and her two kids Nathan and Carter) and Cara (and her daughter Hailey) caravaned with us as they were coming down for a week also! It took a little over 13 hours to get there but was pretty good as far as I was concerned. Since I am very late in posting this - I am going to cheat and copy my friend Ashli's blog as she detailed each day they were down and spent with us very well! And some of her quips about her sons are too funny you have to read them too!


The car trip went fairly smoothly, we only ran into traffic once due to an accident and by the grace of God we made it through before they closed down the road and started to divert traffic off the highway. The only snafus? I found out that Nathan gets carsick in the third row. Luckily this was brought to my attention when we stopped at a rest stop so we were able to give him some Benadryl to calm his stomach, (i.e. we missed the puking stage) Also, Carter and Hailey decided to have a screaming match. Back and forth. For the last hour or so of the trip. Oh well.
(***Side note from Kelly - I was lucky because my kids are great in the car - not one peep! - But it was funny to call the other car and hear screaming!!!)

The most interesting experience of the whole car trip had to be the restaurant Kelly picked for our dinner. Since the last 100 miles or so of our trip were on back roads there weren't exactly a lot of things to choose from, and with the kids getting hungry she pulled off to a restaurant called Lizzie's. It didn't look too bad from the outside, but inside was another story. We thought at one point that we were all going to come out with some sort of food borne illness, but luckily we all made it past in one piece. The kids wanted to play out in the parking dust bowl, and had some of the magnetic Thomas Trains with them which quickly picked up what had to have been some sort of metal ore in the dirt, and I have never seen them all so dirty. They had fun though. The ironic part was that about three miles down the road we ran into a town with several fast food places. Oh well, win some lose some.

After we got to Kelly's house around 9 something, I watched the kids and Kelly and Cara unloaded the cars, then we got the kids into baths and bed. There was a great soaking tub in the master and luckily for us it was big enough for all of them. We all turned in pretty early that night!

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