Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NMB Day 5

I have never seen this many reptiles in one place. Alligator Adventure was an amazing reptile zoo just down the street from Kelly's house and probably one of Nathan's favorite activities of the week since he is a reptile nut. There were literally dozens of alligators piled on top of one and other, ranging in size from miniature to Godzilla. Some of them were really terrifying and I was so glad to see that there were multiple barriers between us and them, and also signs everywhere telling parents not to lift their children above the barriers. I seriously wonder how stupid you would have to be...

Anyway, the kids got to see the alligators being fed, live animal shows, and even got to pet some of the animals. There was a gator born without a tail named Bob who Nathan took a liking to, and several pens that housed gators and turtles together. It was at one of those pens where there was a turtle sitting on an alligator's back where Nathan stopped and yelled out, "Watch out Turtle! That alligator might bite!" He was really concerned!

Best idea of the day: The monkey and dog harnesses for Carter and Gavin
Worst idea of the day: Push Pops for toddlers in 90 degree heat (Sorry again guys!)
After that we had our daily lunch and naps and then had a trip to the pool for the afternoon. The kids slept well again that night!

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