Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Prep

Today we had a pretty low key day. Patrick had to round early this morning and was pretty worn out from not using his crutches. His knee is much better - but not great yet. He didn't want to be hobbling around in front of patients - but I think it really aggravated his knee worse than he thought it would. So he was resting it the remainder of the day. In the afternoon (during Evie's nap) Gavin and I worked on some Easter preparations. We dyed Easter eggs and got our famous pretzels ready to give to the neighbors. Gavin is getting really good about helping, so you will see I let him put most of the M&Ms on. Although, there were a few times when he would turn his head (all sneaky like) and eat some secretly (or so he thought). It was cute!

Then Daddy tried to get Gavin to wear off some energy since the kids were cooped up all day, so he tried to get him to do push-ups. It's so funny! Check out the video!

We hope everyone has a great Easter and gets to spend time with loved ones. Patrick is semi on-call (hopefully he will not get called in) and we are sharing Easter Supper with our friends/neighbors the Christensens (Angie, Cory, Kelly, McKenna and Camille). We are very blessed to have such good friends to celebrate these holidays with!

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