Sunday, March 16, 2008


So as promised, Gavin finally got his fish for being potty trained. We got a tank from a friend who was done with it (thanks Fatema and Lauren) and it came with almost all the supplies we needed. We ended up buying some new rocks and plants for it - but otherwise it was good to go. So we set the tank up first to make sure it would run properly. Once it was all set, we took a family trip to Petland and got some fish. The guy there was super helpful and very knowledgeable about fish and tanks and understood that we needed some very sturdy fish. So he explained how we should get these "starter" fish - that are basically there to create the proper environment inside the tank - and then would die. Sort of traumatic - but I don't think Gavin cares. He was just excited to see them swim and feed them. We already had one casualty...but the guy knew the fish was almost dead when we got it - but it would have been a pain to get it out of the bag - so he gave it to us for free. And he was right. About an hour after we let them in the tank - the fish was a goner. All drains lead to the sea... I posted a picture of the tank (it's a bad shot - but you get the idea) and you can see some of the fishies in it.

Gavin loves it and has been good about remember to remind me to feed them! But, of course, once we got the fish, he ended up having an accident last night in his sleep. It was the first time in over 2 weeks - so I am not surprised. I was more surprised that he hasn't been wet more often in his sleep. I still put pull-ups on him during the night - so no big deal.

Speaking of potty training...Evelyn is still going strong. Peepees about 3 times a day on the potty and is going poo too. Not everyday - but still way more than I could have imagined!!! I would LOVE to be diaper free as soon as possible!!!

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Mary said...

Good job Gavin! We had our first attempt with potty training. It didn't work out but we'll try next month. I'll blog about it later this week.