Friday, March 14, 2008

Surgery was a success

Patrick had his surgery yesterday and the doc said it was actually the best case scenario. They were very concerned before he went in, because the MRI looked pretty daunting. They could tell he had tears in 2 spots - and thought it was just one long one. But it was really 2 - so they didn't need to remove his whole meniscus - just about 35% which is good news for Patrick's future of his knee. Plus, his articular cartilage looked great (no signs of rubbing and arthritis) which was an even bigger concern. So all in all - good news. The flap of meniscus that was damaged was penetrating into the joint - so the surgery was necessary to remove it. Patrick was thinking he might be able to "man up" and try to not get the surgery, but was glad he did once he saw what was inside. Another good thing was they left his underwear on - so the nurses didn't sneak a peek at him naked!

He handled the anesthesia very well - with minor issues - like itchiness and a headache. But no nausea or allergic reaction (which is everyone's worst fear when going under I guess). Except for some knee pain and a huge wrap on his leg - he's crutching around with no problems! He is still helping clean up and watch the kids (although he can't chase them if they start getting into trouble). He went for his first physical therapy appointment this morning and was intrigued as to what it is like being on the other end of the table (after giving therapy to so many as an athletic trainer in a PT clinic). They pushed him hard, but he knows he needs it.

He goes back next week for a follow up but until then he is not supposed to put any weight on it or use his right leg at all. We'll see how well he complies. Doctors make the WORST patients!

A cute story from Patrick's surgery morning....We were waiting in the family waiting room for him to get called back. When he finally got called, he followed a nurse out. Since he works there, he knows most of the people there so he got some extra nice treatment (although most of the people there got extra nice treatment too - especially from James the guy who runs the waiting area). Anyway, on his way out this woman yells for James and asks if she should follow Patrick back to the OR. He said no and asked why. She said "That's my doctor. I should go with him. He works with Dr. Fada and is really nice and I like him the best. I want to go with him - he's my doctor." James explained Patrick was getting his own surgery and would not be in on her operation. She was a bit upset but happy to hear that the very doctors that work there, get surgery there too. But it was nice for me to hear what a great impact my husband has on patients!!! :-)

And a HUGE thanks to Angie for waking up at 6:30am and coming over to watch my kids!!! You rock! And Patrick promises to detail your car for payback!!! The picture I am posting of Evelyn is from what Angie did to her hair! Cute pig tails!


Mary said...

Cute pigtails for Evelyn - I need to find out what rubber bands to use for Leah. I bet it was weird for Patrick being on the other side of surgery. I'm glad all went well.

Britt said...

Hang in there Patrick. Evelyn looks like a big girl with her piggies!