Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cute Gavin pics

Here are a few cute pics I caught of Gavin on my cell phone this week. This first is of him and his buddy Nathan. We were at our friend Cara's house, and they found her daughter Hailey's dress up stuff. They came down stairs donned in feather boas, purple sparkly butterfly wings and princess wands and informed us they were ready to go into battle!!! Too cute! Boys will be boys - even if they only have girly stuff to play with!

The second is of Gavin in Petland. We went to get some accessories for Gavin's new fish tank (his reward for being potty trained) and he LOVED looking at the bunnies. So the manager got one out and let Gavin hold it himself! The bunny was kissing on Gavin's neck and face - and he LOVED it! I was super close to buying one for him - then I remembered Binicula. Anyone who has read the book, or knew my sister's bunny will understand. Plus Patrick would have killed me.

Speaking of Patrick, please keep him in your prayers tomorrow as he has to get surgery on his knee. He hurt it (again) on Sunday night and got an MRI and really tore it up. Luckily he knows some good orthopedic surgeons that would squeeze him in! Now he's nervous that all the nurses are going to try to look at him naked!!! I told him I would personally kicked their butts if I found out they did :-)


Mary said...

The pictures of Gavin are super cute. I hope surgery goes well for Patrick tomorrow. He's in my thoughts.

WineLover said...

I love the bunny!

I hope surgery went well! let us know if you need help with anything