Sunday, March 9, 2008

10 reasons the blizzard of 2008 ROCKS!!!

10. It happened on a Friday night so it did not affect too many people at work or driving.
9. It accumulated more than 16-20 inches in 24 hours (depending on your area)!
8. Neighbors with snow blowers helped other neighbors with their walks and driveways.
7. It was the kind of snow you could pile into forts and make tunnels through.
6. It made parents feel like kids again!!!
5. You could make a crock pot meal (like we did) and feel super warm and cozy inside, drinking hot chocolate and smelling yummy meals after a long day in the snow.
4. Kids could jump off of porches or car roofs and land safely into a soft pile of snow.
3. Mommy got to reorganize all of our family photos and work on reorganizing our storage.
2. Gavin and Evelyn LOVED being outside (until some wind picked up and pelted their faces).
1. Daddy didn't have to work at all or be on-call so he could stay and PLAY!!! (and shovel of course!)

Apparently this is a record for Columbus with the amount of snow fall in one day. The wind drifts make things deceiving - but overall the areas are blanketed with snow. I love it! The snow was higher than Gavin's waist - and up to Evelyn's chest! We couldn't get that many pictures because it was a blizzard and the snow was getting on the camera!!! But I hope I was able to get a few. I can't wait to go out today and build a snowman or a fort!!! The kids don't realize how lucky they are to have such a great dad! Patrick (partly in being a kid himself) is so excited to build a cool fort with tunnels for all the neighbors too. And he hand shoveled our whole driveway and sidewalks (TWICE) by himself. He loves the workout and I love that he is so helpful around the house!!! Check out our pics at

In my time reorganizing our photos - I came across a bunch of negatives. Patrick was laughing - saying our kids won't even know what negatives are since digital is the way to take pictures now. I agree, but couldn't part with them. I did, however, part with some old photos....which I didn't think I would do. But, honestly, I am trying to simplify my life (and my storage area) so why should I hold on to pictures of ex boyfriends and vacations we had together. Or old roommates. I might keep one or two pictures to remember what they look like when I am 80, but I don't find the need in keeping those memories anymore. My life is being filled infinitely with many more amazing memories and I don't feel like I have the space anymore for things that I don't cherish. Harsh, maybe. Therapeutic, definitely.

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Mary said...

Isn't it great! Who knows when we'll get another snow like this. We better enjoy it while it lasts!