Monday, March 17, 2008

follow up

We seem to be back on track with the potty today. I guess it was just a really bad day yesterday for Gavin's pants.

We also had Gavin's pre-school re-observation today. It is the preschool in our development (3 blocks away) and comes with rave reviews (plus it is governmentally funded - so tuition is CHEAP!) The school is designed around a special needs preschool program and they have "peer models" in each room. There are 8 special needs children and 6 peers in each classroom. The peers just have to be average toddlers/preschoolers. They have found that the IEP children respond well when integrated with children their same age who are "typical developing preschoolers". Check out for more info on the school and it's programs.

Anyway, to get "accepted" the kids have to be observed to make sure they can follow directions, respond to questions, show understanding of how things work, etc. Most important is to follow directions since the special needs kids are looking up to them in a way and may follow their lead. So when a teacher says to do something - you best do it! Gavin did not want to change stations during his first observation (he liked playing with the trains - go figure) and had poor fine motor skills, so they asked if he would have a second chance and come back to get re-observed (it has been about 2 months since the initial observation). So we started our little home-school sessions and it must have paid off because today they told me he was stellar! He listened and followed directions perfectly, and even helped a kid who was scared to calm down and start playing with him. They also noticed a major improvement in his fine motor skills, from cutting paper, to writing letters. So we are very excited!

Now I am dreading that day when I ship him off for his first day - I get teary already. Time flies!

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WineLover said...

Glad that G-man had a better day! He was just showing you who's boss :)

I definitely want to check out that preschool program for Si!!