Sunday, March 16, 2008


In classic ironic fashion...

After my last post about buying the fishies for Gavin for being potty trained, he inevitably ended up having THREE accidents today (4 if you include the one overnight).

I went and met Cara and Ashli for some coffee for Cara's birthday and when I came home, Patrick informed me that Gavin wet himself while they were playing in the basement together. Odd - but totally understandable for a 3 year old to get wrapped up in play-time with Daddy. A little talk about remembering how important the potty is and how we need to stop play when we feel that urge.

Then I decided we would join the Welshes for dinner at Red Robin (a craving Ashli got after Cara said she went there for lunch). As I was on the phone with Ashli's hubby, I looked up and saw Gavin standing right in the middle of the kitchen peeing himself RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! He was just looking at me, waited until he was done, then said "Sorry". This is crazy, I thought! He hasn't had one single accident in forever (except barely making it to the potty one time last month) and now he has had 2 blatant ones right in front of us (and one at night). Another change in outfits, some questions about why he did it (no answers though), another discussion about the importance of going on the potty and a statement from G-man saying he understands and he will tell us if he needs to go again.

He was pretty good at dinner, so when we came home we called up Angie and the girls to go for our nightly walk. It was very cold - but sunny - so we bundled up and went. We had fun - but were relived to get inside. Well, I guess Gavin was too relieved because we got in, and we were heading upstairs for baths and he totally peed AGAIN on the stairs.

The night one - I basically don't even count. Then the first one today I was like "No big deal". The 2nd time made me mad (I know - wrong reaction) but the third time made me confused/worried. He didn't even flinch when it was happening...which is weird because when he feels it come on, he starts the peepee dance and/or tells us he needs to go. He even gets nervous and upset if he can't get his pants undone quickly, for fear he will have an accident. But today - nothing. Not even an ounce of regret. Afterwards, he sees our disappointment so he says sorry - but it's like he can't feel it.

If anyone has any suggestions or stories as how this happened to them - please let me know because I am actually concerned now. 4 times in one day - it just seems very unlikely.


Melissa Jones Photography said...

Emma is 4 and she had an accident at school last week. I came into her class and noticed she was wearing pink sweats. I have seen these on other girls before and knew right then what had happened. The teacher said she was so caught up in working with beads she forgot. SHE FORGOT! She is 4!! Four year olds are not suppose to forget. I hope this cheers you up. :)

Kandice, Paul & Girls said...

Hey we did the fish for going potty too. It was fun for a while, but we sent him back to the oecan.