Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day of thanks #7

Today I am thankful for my family being healthy. Another generic comment - but I am an extra proud momma today as my kids went to their annual dental exams this morning and neither one had any cavities! I know a lot has to do with strong teeth and good genetics - but they do brush their teeth twice a day, they don't drink soda, and they water down juice (ok - I brush their teeth twice a day, don't let them have soda and only give them watered down juice....but whatevs). I grew up with no cavities - but saw my middle sister, Anna, have to fight the teeth battle her whole life...and it does not look fun! Luckily, we have great access to dental care here on base and some of the best dentists and hygienists I have ever met! And even more lucky is that we don't need them usually for more than just a check up!!! Thanks Yokota Dental team!!!

PS - Lynnie...tell your hubby we will be coming his way soon. Even though my kids have great teeth - they are too great and have too many teeth. Gotta pull and shift :-)

PPS - This pic is from a long time ago - it was the only one I could find showing off teeth!

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