Friday, November 11, 2011

Day of thanks #11 11/11/11

Even though it is Veteran's Day and I usually reserve this day to recognize all the amazing men and women in the military.... Today I want to recognize and appreciate JoJo. My dear friend, Joanne. Joanne has impacted my life on so many levels it is frightening! She hired me for my first 'real' job. She helped guide my career path to get my MBA in Healthcare Administration and eventually take over her position as Director of Athletic Training Services for NovaCare Rehabilitation. But most importantly, she introduced me (and blatantly NUDGED me) to Patrick. I specifically remember the very first day that Patrick and I met....

I was helping JoJo get ready for a Quarterly meeting with all the ATCs in the area. She had me create and hand out some ice breaker questions. I remember meeting Patrick and totally thinking he was cute - but after the meeting she said "You are going to marry that guy. I just know it. You will be Mrs. Patrick Bull one day." I thought she was crazy...mainly because I had a boyfriend at the time and had no interest in anyone else. But as that relationship changed and dwindled...JoJo would set Patrick and I up together for work functions and put us on assignments together. One day, Patrick won Wings tickets (Philly's professional lacrosse team) and JoJo nonchalantly told Patrick that I love lacrosse. This was just after I had broken up with my old boyfriend and Joanne had a plan!!! The rest, as you would say, is history.

JoJo has also been an amazing inspiration and spiritual guidance for me also. And I came to realize that the number 11 was very special to her. She believes that The symbol 11 shows us that we are all a reflection of one another, a reminder that we maintain balance in life by serving others. She has taught me to love life, to help others, and to always be at peace. Every email or phone conversation ends with Namaste.

So on this special day (that most of us will only experience once in our lifetime) I have been thinking of her and her contributions to my life all day. Please check out her site - which helps people help others...

Miss you JoJo and love you! Namaste!

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