Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day of thanks #9

Today I am thankful for Pinterest. My friend Shelby got my hooked onto it and it has been a huge hit in my house! This site is a virtual pinboard where you can keep all of your favorite ideas organized into one place. It also acts like Facebook in the fact that you can 'follow' your friends favorite items also. Anytime you are online and you see something you like, you can 'pin' it to your page. It has recipes, craft ideas, ideas for the home, funny quotes, party ideas, gift ideas, holiday ideas, - ANYTHING!!! This week it gave me an idea to take a picture of Evelyn in my wedding dress to give to her on her wedding day. I am meeting with a local photog on base to do this. I also made many of the recipes which were a hit with the family! AND I can make super easy crafty things in no time! It even gave me an idea for Patrick's b-day gift (a GPS watch with all the golf courses loaded on it so he will always know the distance to the next pin). It has given me my Christmas card idea, my mom's Christmas gift idea, and Christmas decorating ideas. It has given me a cleaning schedule, work out schedule and other organizational ideas. It has been great and I am very thankful for it!!!

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