Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day of thanks #6

Today I am grateful for my husband and children. I know that sounds trite, but today I have special reasons. #1. My husband has been away for a week and I finally get him back!!! I realize how much he helps out around the house (well, I always knew he did - but when he is gone...the trash gets backed up, the dishes stay in the sink a little longer and the laundry doesn't walk itself upstairs like it usually does). Patrick is an amazing partner in life! He does so many little things that I tend to take for granted. After dinner he always cleans up, does the dishes and vacuums the whole downstairs. He empties the dishwasher in the morning before I wake up and makes sure the newspaper is out for me to read. He is so thoughtful - in ways he may not even know. He is an amazing father also. He has taught Gavin to ride his bike, he helps Evelyn learn English words (since she learns mostly Japanese at school), and he reads to the kids every night. So when he goes away...I really notice how much he does.
I also am so grateful that I have great kids. I mean, really great! They have been awesome all week without daddy and have helped chip in around the house also. They rarely fight (an occasional bicker - but that is normal, right?), they entertain each other, and they are just fun to be around! Last night we went to the bowling alley for some bowling, games and dinner - and it was like I was hanging out with friends.
I am grateful for these three blessings in my life and I truly thank God every day for them! But I figured I better blog it also - or karma might get her revenge on me!!!


WineLover said...

Amen! Loving your Thankful posts! I am truly thankful that blogs and Facebook allow us to keep up with our friends across the world!

Mary said...

You do have a wonderful family!