Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of thanks #2

Today I am grateful for the chance to learn about my host country's culture and language. I have been very blessed to be a part of 3 (yes, that's right...THREE) different culture groups to be able to learn about rituals, activities and food...but now I have started to try to learn their language!!! When we found out we were moving to Japan last year, my mother bought us Rosetta Stone. We have not be very diligent with it - but after having to use my 4 year old daughter as an interpreter, I decided it was time to really step up my game and learn parts of the language.

I am very lucky to have a friend who lives off base that participates in Japanese language classes. She lives across the street from a community center which offers the lessons for free. She has been going for over a year and has learned so much!!! So after she had invited me a few times - I decided to give it a go (and drag another friend with me!!!). I learned so much in the first lesson, and my brain actually hurt after the 2nd lesson. Today was the 3rd time I went and I am actually 'getting' it. I am hearing sounds and words that make sense and our teachers are so patient and fun! They really help us grasp why things sound a certain way - instead of just memorizing it. I actually held a conversation (basically consisting of "Good Morning. I am Kelly" - but hey...it's a start)!

I have started coming home and doing Rosetta Stone after my lessons and things make so much more sense!!! I am so happy and grateful I can at least make a valiant effort in leaning Japanese. Hopefully Evelyn won't be the only one who knows it by the end of this year!!!!

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Mary said...

That's awesome Kelly!