Friday, November 18, 2011

Day of thanks #18

Today I am thankful for make-your-own-pizza night at the E Club! We go just about every Friday night. And so do half of our friends! They have flat bread dough/crust that you can add marinara, alfredo, or BBQ sauce to. Then cheese. Then toppings of your choice. From shrimp to corn to pineapple and everything in between. Gavin gets just the crust and cheese or anything! He usually eats 2 whole pizzas of that himself! Evelyn always gets corn and sometimes pineapple and pepperoni. Patrick and I like to switch it up - but I always get at least half like a hawaiian pizza. We get drinks and sometimes I just get the salad bar (like today when I had a lot of pizza for lunch and couldn't think of taking another bite of it). The kids get ice cream and sometimes (like tonight) I get a slice of cheesecake :-). Grand total for tonight's dinner = $12. SERIOUSLY!!! was so low because the kids are basically free ($1 for ice cream each) and I only got salad bar ($3). It was my cheesecake that cost a little bit and then a tip. And the kids think it is so cool that they can get whatever they want!!! And make it themselves!!! Cheap, fun, family outing...definitely something to be grateful for!

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