Monday, November 14, 2011

day of thanks #14

Today I am thankful for Amazon Prime. It is so worth it while living overseas to become a member! Free 2 day shipping (although it doesn't always get here that quickly - it still is pretty darn quick)! And it is so great to order something for friends and family online and be able to ship to them for free too! Yesterday was my niece's birthday (Happy Birthday Abby) and today is my little sister Kaitlin's (miss you girl - hope you have a great day)! It was so nice to be able to know what I wanted to get for them, have it available online at Amazon and then shipped for free! When we mail things from here - it can cost just as much to mail it than the cost of the present!!! So I am thankful (especially with the holidays coming up) that we have a good option for gift buying!!!
AND - It also has free book sharing for your Kindle, tons of free movies and tv shows, or cheap movie rentals (and you don't have to return them to the store 5 days late :-) Amazon rocks (and I am not getting paid to say so!!)

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