Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #9.5...

Bonus blog!!! I have been super thankful for my Japanese Culture Course I signed up for through the Family Readiness Center on base. It was supposed to be 10 weeks - but ended up only being 7. I got a special prize for attending all the nights :-)

Tonight, sadly, was our last night. I have learned so much throughout these past months. Seriously! Did you know that in Japan, dishes are sold in sets of 5. Not because their families are larger, but because their number for 4 is also the same sound as their word for death. So 4 is considered a bad omen. So they sell plates and bowls and sake glasses in sets of 5. I also have learned how to write my name in Kanji, how to make origami swans (1000 are made to bring good luck and health to a person), how to cook a few Japanese meals, and how to eat out on the town in a Japanese restaurant. I sang karaoke, watched a formal tea ceremony and made some friends on base also.

So, Group 1, I am forever thankful for you!!!

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WineLover said...

what song did you sing in Karaoke? some Salt-n-pepper??