Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving countdown #7...

Today I am thankful for gorgeous weather. We have had some seriously perfect November weather here, and after reading about snow posts from Ohio, I am very grateful that we still have high 60 degree weather. Today I went golfing with some of the other ladies taking lessons and then again with my friend Lynn. I tried to stop at every hole and just take a breath (you never get to have that exact moment again - so I love when I can be "in the now" and truly appreciate That Moment). And gorgeous weather certainly aides in my ability to be "in the now" or "in the present" or "in the moment". It puts me into my Zen place very easily.

It was also nice when we had to take the train (about 70 mins each way) into the city for an audition for a modeling gig for IKEA. Evelyn and I went (and luckily ran into some other friends from Yokota) and it was nice to walk between stations and the photo shoot and to simply enjoy a little girls night out. I am crossing my fingers that we get as much of this weather for as long as possible!!!

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The Christensens said...

It only flurried for a few minutes!!
It is supposed to be in the 60's all week! Just trying to make myself feel better. It is working.