Thursday, November 11, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #11...

Today I am grateful for one hour. Actually, it is 2 separate 1 hour segments that I get each day with my kids.

I drop Gavin off at school at 8am. I take Evie at 9:10. This gives me about an hour of quality one-on-one time with my precious little girl. This morning we had a tea party, pretend birthday party, and played candy land. Some days she chooses to watch tv - but lately she has wanted to play or have me read to her. Part of the time is spent trying to get her dressed and her hair brushed - but either way, I am very grateful for that morning time with her.

On the flip side, I pick Gavin up at 2:10. I pick Evie up at 3:20. So again, I get an hour with him. Sometimes we do homework (he usually finishes his week worth on the first day though), sometimes we play wii, sometimes I take a nap when he plays wii. Once in a while we go for walks or stay at the playground for a while. And sometimes we run errands (not much fun - but waaaay easier to do with just G).

So today I am thankful for the one hour I get each day with each of them.

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