Thursday, August 12, 2010

what i imagine a drug deal is like...

So I have never bought drugs, nor have I ever sold drugs (or done drugs for that matter). My only experience with this transaction comes from watching the movies. And I just had an experience that reminded me of such transgressions.

First came the text message...


(Seriously - this is what came across on my Iphone).

I took the saying to me trusty Google Translator. It basically means...

Hey. It's me. Meet me at the place. I have your stuff.

I am not making this up. This is how the Japanese companies have to deal with the Americans on base. They are not allowed to enter through the main gates, so their "Black Cat" (aka UPS) driver gets to the gate, they text and call the person(s) they are waiting for and have goods for. It felt so shady!!!

Luckily, I have been waiting for the Apple store to send me my replacement IPhone4. So I knew this was them! Otherwise, I think I would have been too afraid to go!!!

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