Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love finding cool new places

Today (Sunday) we didn't have much planned, but I knew there was a Costoco (Costco for you American folk) down the road, so we took a nice little family drive to get there. It was only about 15-20 mins from base (on the main road just off base) so we decided to go ahead and go there for some shopping and lunch. Well, to my very happy surprise, it turns out the Costoco is located right next to an AWESOME outlet mall. Not only did they have cool Japanese stores, but also internationally known stores (Banana Republic, Theory, etc.). And to the kids pleasure, they had a Lego store too!!! We had to park next to the Outlets and walk to the Costco - so we HAD to walk through the stores :-) It is an open, outside type place - but with lots of covering to keep it shaded (and out of any possible rain). They had some water fountain spray play areas for kids too. We let the kids buy something from Lego and I got some cute things at a home store (kids bath math and loofah sponges).

Then we signed up for a Costco membership and found the perfect dual screen DVD player for our car. It was everything we were looking for and only about $120. It was really crowded (the Japanese only have Sundays off from normal work) so Patrick was getting a bit antsy and irritated, and it was time for we just headed to the checkout with our car DVD player. Unfortunately, they only accepted American Express or we couldn't buy it because we didn't have that much yen on us. We could have gone back to the outlets and found an ATM - but I decided I would just come back tomorrow when it will be less crowded and I can do some grocery shopping as well!!!

Patrick is a little worried that there is such a nice shopping area so close to me...but I swear I will avoid it (for now).

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LauraCSD said...

So glad to see you found go-to shopping near you!!! Hope your exploring continues w/ new found spots! Miss you, Laura