Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another trip to tokyo

Today we took another trip into Tokyo to meet with some modeling agencies for the kids. Now, please don't think I am some crazy mom trying to get her kids into modeling! But, a lot of other moms/kids do it here on base and they LOVE it! They get paid to go to awesome places around Japan and also get to have a unique experience that they probably wouldn't get in the US. Plus, if our kids make money themselves, we can invest it into a Roth IRA for them. I know that sounds lame - but it is actually a pretty awesome thing for us to be able to do for them. We would of course let them use some of their own money to buy things for themselves and to donate to special causes (i.e. Gavin's policeman funds) but they will get anywhere from $300 to $3000 PER gig... so it's hard to say no to that opportunity!

The place we needed to go to was right down the road from where we went last week...but this time we decided to drive. My friend Michele was heading there also (she was staying at the New Sanno hotel- which was a 5 minute walk from the modeling agency) since her son had just done an ad for she got to keep a catalog. It was so awesome to see him in it and to see how cool it really is for the kids! He was in the catalog 4 or 5 times!!! Anyway, since she was driving down anyway, I just followed her. We hit a bit of traffic going there but it only took 1 hr and 40 mins. In bad traffic they say it could take 3 hours. So it wasn't too bad. We parked at the hotel and walked to the agency.

The kids were great and posed for some shots for their 'look book'. Gavin was a pro - and did everything they asked. "Stand staight. Look cool. Hands in pocket. No smile. BIG smile...." afterwards they said he did so good with instructions that they wanted permisison to send in his info for tvs and movies, as well as catalogs! He was excited - but I don't want to get too crazy. He still has school and other commitments - so hopefully we get just enough jobs to make it fun - but not too many to make it a hassle.

We parted ways with Michele and her crew since they were staying for a few days and we headed back to the hotel for some lunch and a potty break. The bathrooms were those crazy kinds I have heard about (with bidets built in as well as seat warmers, music, etc). Then we headed home (ON OUR OWN!!!) The directions were a little crazy through the city - but we did great! And there was NO traffic so we got home is a little less than an hour! It was a fun day :-)

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