Sunday, August 8, 2010

the biggest negative

The worst part so far about Japan (besides being away from friends and family) is the humidity. It is crazy humid here. Not always that hot, but always super humid. Sometimes it is so bad you can't go outside because it is so hard to even breathe.

Since it is so humid, we have our air conditioning on full-blast cold to try to compensate inside and keep things dry (well, drier). I am freezing in the house - but it does help. It can get so bad that papers start to warp, food goes stale pretty quickly, and mold can grow if you are not carefully cleaning the surfaces. So I guess I will put up with the cold air for now. It supposedly is just this bad in the summer (June - Sept) but I am ready for a break. I take 2 showers a day because it is so gross outside. We have to wash our towels everyday (instead of reusing them for a few days like we normally do). And we have to keep the lights and fan on in the bathrooms at night (after showers and baths) to help stunt mold growth. We use Damp-Rid in our closets (to help dry up the moisture in the air) which should last 60 days....and have lasted 6 and are full of water already. Our de-humidifier is coming on Friday in our big shipment but we are going to buy another one so we can have one on each floor.

OK...I am done my rant. Otherwise, we really do like it here a lot. But my hair definitely does NOT like it here :-)

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