Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buckeye Land

As a tried and true Penn State fan, it was a little weird coming to a place like Columbus. I have never lived in a place where EVERYONE was so crazy about their college teams. OSU is literally 10 minutes from us - with no major pro teams around (except ice hockey) so the entire area is filled with Buckeye fans. It is actually really cool to experience. Places shut down for business when football is on, kids learn the "We all hate the whole state of Michigan" song in preschool, and every single person owns something grey and scarlet.

Last night we went to our 2nd men's basketball game. The 1st one, we were given first row seats (thanks Ashli) and this one I won from a financial presentation at the hospital. They were in the Huntington club box...and although the excitement wasn't as cool as on the floor, it was much easier to view the game and they were playing another Big Ten team, so it was exciting. Families with newborn children were there, super old men who have been Buckeye fans for decades were there, and of course a ton of OSU students were there. Although the college kids looked eleventeen to us, it made us proud that WE ARE allowed to be part of that (get it...a little Penn State mantra thrown in there :-). Seriously, it has been fun being a part of this crazy Buckeye community - and I know that they will always be a close second in our hearts. The kids have jerseys and cheerleading outfits that I promise we will continue to wear (as long as it is not against Penn State)!

A bad camera phone shot from the box level.

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Go BuckS!