Friday, January 22, 2010

Smart Organizing Technique for kids

I know things are much easier to do when they are organized and well labeled. I was never (and am still not) an organized person, much to my husband's dismay. But, having a type A hubby has made me want to teach our children some of his techniques to help make their lives more orderly. So this morning, Evelyn and I went through and organized her room. She has these 6 cute pink buckets that fit in storage cubes, as well as a toy chest. So we grouped her things into categories and found pictures on the internet that represented each category.

We have:
1. My Little Pony
2. Disney Princesses
3. Dress Up clothes
4. Dress Up clothes (she has a lot of dress up things)
5. Hair accessories
6. Stuffed animals
7. All the rest (to go into the toy chest)

This way, she can pull out ONE bucket and play with it. When she is done, she is allowed to get another bucket, etc. But she has to clean up the first one before moving on. If she has friends over and things get wild, it also helps when it is time to clean up. We also found some sneaky extra storage for some of Gavin's toy also in his room (an empty drawer where we used to keep diapers). Now, he can keep his batman accessories in one place! Here are some pictures!


Mary said...
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Mary said...

Evelyn's hair cut looks great!

Drew said...

great idea! Maybe something like that will help Ella with the clean-up task. Evelyn is getting so big and looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I did the exact same thing a couple months ago! The entire playroom is labeled with pictures so they know exactly where each and every toy belongs. It has worked like a charm for helping them clean up without my assistance. =)