Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a fun evening!

Tonight (after long naps) we had our friend/neighbor Stone's birthday party (check out the card with Gavin's writing - so good isn't it?). He turned 5 and loves firetrucks. So his parents had cake and ice cream for him and then asked the local fire station to send a truck out if possible. There were tons of kids between his relatives and all the neighborhood kids and surprising, everyone got along great! Cory brought the kite back with authority and got it in the air quickly and had no issues during the kids liked that too.

But the best part was when the fire truck came and all the kids got to go inside, try on gear and talk to the REAL firemen. The guys were great and all the kids loved it!!! The best part for Gavin was that they parked in front of our house - so Gavin was like "There is a firetruck at MY house". Too cute! They stayed for a pretty long time and all the kids got a turn going inside and pretending to drive it.

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Mary said...

Wow! Greg has no interest in writing letters. There's still no interest in potty training either.