Friday, May 16, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Thoughts...Part 2...Tear Jerker Alert

On the day of my last post (which I have been told has made people misty eyed)...I had to search for a baby picture of me (since I totally forgot to get one when I was in PA). Anyway, one of the first places I looked is this private "Kelly" folder I have, which contains special cards, my best friend's wedding invitation, nursery school pictures, etc. Well there was this folder in there with my name (in my mom's hand writing) on it. A big folder with lots of cards and letters inside. Turns out it was from a sorority retreat I had in college where they secretly had your loved ones write things to you (as a special treat/confidence booster about who you are and where you came from).

I am so glad a "re-found" these because reading them now has taken on a whole new meaning for me. They are very dear and private for me so I am not going to share all of it - but a few sentences make me truly believe in the circle of life - as my parents words seem to emulate my thoughts I have about my own children.

Here are a few:

"I remember moments that you will only know through were so independent, so lovely, so very Kelly. I've always felt that it was you leading me through life. You showing me how to be a good mother."
"Do not live your life for me, or for anyone else. Just let them be lucky enough to share in it. And one day, you should pass along this wisdom you were born with to that lucky child(ren) who has a mother such as you."

"I hope you know that I love you very much!! But if you don't know it or don't hear it enough, I'll tell you again..."I LOVE YOU!!!"...What you might not know as well is how proud I am of you."
"I wanted to be part of your life in any way I could (and still do). I loved coaching your basketball team and being involved with your prom committee and Black and White night because I knew there were not going to be a lot of time for a father to bond like that with his daughter. I do cherish those times that I was involved in your life experiences, not only for what I got out of it, but to see how glad you were that I was doing it too".

"Even though we used to fight a lot, I love you with all my heart" ***(she was 16 or 17) - too funny!!

She just signed her name but printed out a beautiful picture of some Barbie she colored on the computer. :-)

I know I spend a lot of time bragging about my kids here - but it was time I shared some of the brag-time with other people who matter so much to me and let them know I love them too. I am so blessed to have a family who loved me (and told me they did), who believed in me and who was proud of me. I can only hope that I make me kids feel this loved one day.

The pic that I posted is one my sister Anna uploaded for me since I couldn't find one after all my searching!

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