Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Fly A Kite!

Yesterday, Julie and her kids came over and Angie and her kids (plus some other neighborhood friends). So to occupy some time I got out Gavin's Thomas Kite. The $5 kite provided hours of entertainment and all the kids got to use it and were able to fly it. The wind was not too strong - but strong enough to keep the kite up. Once, I looked over and saw McKenna laying on the ground, holding the kite. Then the other kids joined her and we had all the kids laying on the ground, staring up into the sky at a flying kite. It was picture perfect.

So, today I decided to try this again in the morning. But the wind was much different today. It was very strong, and going every which way. I couldn't even get the kite in the air. So Angie's hubby (Cory) came over with the girls and tried (for almost a 1/2 hour or more) and FINALLY got the kite in the air. But, the wind was pretty fierce - so I wouldn't let Gavin hold it himself, but otherwise the kids played. Somehow, it got to close to a tree and the line whipped out of our friend's hands. The wind took it immediately but luckily the handle got snagged in a tree. This send most of the kids into a crying frenzy, so Superhero Cory (with the help of our other neighbor, Kevin) climbed an unclimbable tree (if you look closely - you can see him in the picture of the tree) to rescue this $5 kite. Seeing her Dad climb a tree sent an already crying McKenna into an uncontrollable sob. But eventually Cory rolled the string in enough so we could grab the kite and safely detach the string from it. The kite was saved, the kids all clapped - but I think we will reserve kite flying for a more open space - or a less windy day :-)

After that, my kids went in a watched a DVD while I planted some much needed floral decoration at our house. Look how pretty. Now the polls can begin on how quick I kill them.

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Mary said...

Oh, what fun! Your flowers look beautiful.