Thursday, October 4, 2007

the worst dr. appt ever!

So today was Gavin's 3 yr check up and Evie's 1 yr check up. Things were going good. Got there on time. Evelyn had a good morning nap right before. Remembered to bring snacks and lollipops in case there was a wait. Going good.

Then I made the fatal mistake. I thought...these kids have been so good, I don't need to bring in the stroller. Gavin won't need time out, and I won't need to restrain Evelyn either. Wishful thinking, huh?

We got in and it started well. Gavin was cooperating with Dr. Morran. She asked questions, he answered. She said open your mouth...and viola, he opened! But things started getting shaky when he noticed the food/candy. He wanted it then and now. So a mini tantrum later, we compromised and gave him a juice box...since I was informed he was to pee in a cup. Pee in a cup? For real...I can barely make it into a cup and they need it from a 3 year old who is barely potty trained (and pees sitting down). So we attempt the cup. We are directed into the public bathroom and I have no where to put down Evelyn. No nurse to help, no stroller to sit her in. So I am one handed-ly helping Gavin strip to get on the potty, getting him up on the BIG potty and trying to hold this cup under his wee-wee to catch any ounce of pee that may come out - which he does not like!!! He doesn't want the cup anywhere "down there" and says he has "no pee pee for the cup". OK. I take him off the potty and stand him on the floor and turn my back to pick up his pull-up and clothes, etc. All of a sudden I hear a whizzing sound, followed by Gavin going - "Look, Mommy! I am peeing on the floor!" So I quick grab the cup to catch the last few drops that come out (hey - they needed the pee). Then, I sit Evie down on some toilet paper while I get Gavin dressed. She starts crawling into the pee. I almost cried. If it wasn't happening to me it would be funny.

So somehow we clean up and get back to the exam room. They try to check Gavin's hearing and vision - but he was yelled at by mommy so he is sad and not responding well to demands or requests. No vision or hearing checked. Next up is Evie.

She does great through the exam, but then come the inevitable shots. 3 of them. Usually there are 2 nurses to help hold and give shots quickly, but today only 1. So I have to hold her arms and upper body down while they give her the shots in her legs. She is freaking out crying (a lot more than usual with shots). Gavin hears her cry and sees me hugging and kissing her, so he starts to cry and wants mommy to kiss him and hold him too. I try to throw him off with a lollipop. Success.

Then comes an even worse part. She has to get tested for lead and some other things, so they have to prick her tiny middle finger and squeeze blood out into 2 vials. This makes her hysterical, almost passing out from crying so hard. Now Gavin realizes that this nurse is hurting his sister, so he pushes a chair up to the exam table, climbs up (and there is nothing we can do because the nurse and I are helping Evie - who is bleeding a lot - just not into the vial) and crawls towards us, yelling at the nurse. Then he falls off the exam table. He didn't get hurt, but I know I lost my mother of the year award.

In the end, I was mad at my kids (but shouldn't have been), mad at myself for not bringing in the stroller, mad at Patrick for not being there to experience that with me, and mad at the nurses for not helping more. Let's just say I am having a nice drink tonight after my meeting!!!

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