Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PA trip - Evelyn's dedication and kids b-day party!

We just got back from PA and had an awesome trip. We stayed with Patrick's parents and had a great time. So our main reason for heading home was to honor our baby girl and dedicate her and welcome her to this world (ok - I know we are a bit late - but give us a break!). It was another gorgeous weekend and we had about 45-50 people coming to my mom's for the ceremony and party.

Patrick and I arrived at my mom's around 11am the morning of the party - thinking that was enough time to prepare. The party didn't start until 2:30 so we had 3.5 hours to work. Were we ever wrong! Thank goodness some people came early to help and my little sister and her friends were there to help watch the kids and decorate too! Anyway, after a long morning of getting balloons, food, tables, etc ready, we were greeting people as they arrived. Thank God my best friend Eileen was there (as well as my mom and sister Anna) because they helped do all the behind the scenes things, like getting Evelyn dressed (thank you Eileen for her beautiful Christening Gown), to making sure the food was set out in the right area, to telling people where to place the gifts. The Reverend arrived also at 2:30 (although not expected until 3) so that threw me a bit but she waited patiently until we were ready. The ceremony actually began promptly at 3 and was about 20 minutes long. We were under an awning - but it was still HOT! Evie was good for the most part - although there was a lot of passing her back and forth to keep her entertained. She suffered a major bump to the head right before - so she was a little solemn from that (nice concussion Kelly!).

After the ceremony everyone partied to celebrate Evelyn's dedication but also Gavin and Evelyn's birthdays. We got a huge moon bouncer from my friend Josette (her hubby rents them out on the weekends) and it was a hit - for kids and adults alike. It was HUGE!!! But also tons of fun! Gavin got overheated a few times though and had to come inside in the air conditioning to cool off. It ranked as a very cool party! I was a chicken with my head cut off so I barely spoke to anyone for more than a minute - but overall it was a success. The fightin' Phillies also were playing to clinch a play-off spot and won! So everyone watched that during the 9th inning and celebrated!

We had lots of finger foods, dips, cookies, snacks and a beautiful cake. We also did a piniata which was fun - the pull string kind - much easier than the one you have to hit! People filtered out around 5:30 but the med school friends stuck around until almost 7:30 and played horseshoes and drank and talked. It was so good to see them all again. It was the first time since we moved to Ohio that I got home sick. I got that sad feeling, knowing we wouldn't see these people all together again for quite some time. My grandfather, my godfather, aunts and uncles, mom, dad, sisters and their families, best friends from growing up and their families... it was truly a blessed occasion celebrated by those who we love dearly. Thanks to all who were there - you made it so special for us!

The only problem (if you want to call it that) was that we could not fit all the presents home in our car in one trip! I had to go back the next day to get some - and help finish clean my mom's house. I have to say she and my sister Kaitlin, went all out in decorating and getting goody bags, and food and making sure it was an amazing time. Thanks to both of them for making it all possible! And thanks to my sister Anna for the amazing fruit salad - oops...that's right - you forgot it (heehee Anna - you know I am kidding...thanks for all your help with everything).

Monday was Gavin's real birthday so we celebrated more intimately at MomMom and PopPop's house for dinner and cake. Patrick's mom, dad, brother, sister (and her hubby and 3 girls) and my dad were there. Gavin got a few more gifts (just what we needed) and we had a great meal, wine and left over cake. It really was a short but sweet trip home.

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