Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So today was a super fun playgroup. I would say the most fun one ever - but I'll just say one of the best!!!

We went pumpkin picking at Jacquemin Farms - only about 10 minutes from my house. We had a great group (us, the Welshes, the Williamses, theVicenas, the Stevensons, the Porcellis and the Carozzas) and Ashli had set up a great tour for us. First, we went back and a lady came with us to the fields. When one of the kids found a pumpkin they liked, they raised their hands and she would come and show them how she cuts the stem and them they got to put the pumpkin in their bag. There was a great selection and the kids like being able to roam free and select whichever one they wanted. At first, our buddy Nathan picked a poor little starting-to-rot one, but the nice lady explained how the stem makes it not rot as quickly as one without a stem so he picked a nice green one. So of course, Gavin wanted a green one too. Evelyn crawled upon hers right away and it is very nice. Good shape, color, etc. But Gavin's is green with a yellow "face" or spot.

Then we got to go in the farm part and pick gourds. There were buckets for the kids to chose from, and Evelyn chose hers by eating them (and some rocks). We then proceeded to some picnic tables where the kids were given coloring books and a snack (a yummy doughnut - which I ate) and some apple juice. But Gavin could care less about that because there was a "sandbox" that was filled with corn filler that had tons of toys, dump trucks, buckets, etc to play in it with. He jumped right in, and the other kids joined after snack. That left time for the moms to chat or laugh at the kids playing! There was also a corn maze that had cool slides incorporated in it. Great job Ashli!!!!

You can also check out all the pics -

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