Sunday, November 4, 2012

Days 3 and 4 of thanks

Sorry for the late post - but this weekend we went to one of our favorite places around here, Tama Hills, for a great weekend getaway. Patrick was to race in the 30th Annual Tour De Tama mountain bike race on Saturday morning (along with some of our friends) so we got cabins on Friday and Saturday nights to make it a fun adventure! Since it is in the woods - we didn't get any wifi or I couldn't post until now. It was great since we all went electronics free (except for the occasional iphone check when we could get a signal :-)! So....without further thankful lists day 3 and 4 (separate post): Day 3 I am thankful for weekend getaways! Whether just our family, with friends, or expended family...I love a chance to get away from our normal routine. Patrick REALLY needed to get away ASAP and this weekend did not disappoint! Friday night:
Smores and beer!
Kyle and Patrick prepping for the race. Saturday:
Homemade signs to cheer on Daddy!
(panoramic pic from my iphone5) Cheering on Daddy during the race.
2nd Place!!!!
We Love Daddy!
Fun in the hottub!
The kids mesmerized by 'My Neighbor Totoro' while the parents cooked. * Not pictured...The adult Webbs, Odoms, Smiths and Bulls cooking, grilling (dinner and dessert), chatting, eating, playing and hot tubbing.

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