Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 of 30 days of thanks

Today I am thankful for being able to find a good hair stylist wherever I move! I know this is a silly, selfish one...but all the ladies know what I am talking about. It took a good year every time I moved somewhere new to find someone, but once I did... I latched on! I was fortunate enough to start in college with my good friend, Leigh, who followed her passion to beauty school. I was a faithful clients for years until I moved away to Ohio. I would even make the 7 hour drive back to PA sometimes - just because I needed some color. Then, I serendipidly (I think I made up that word) met Lindsey. We had mutual friends and her hubby started shadowing Patrick at work and in talking I found out that she worked at a hip hair salon across town! SCORE! But then she had to move away (so said hubby could go to med school) and then I was introduced to another I didn't skip a beat :-) Another fun, awesome stylist who took care of me. The hardest transition in hair care came when I moved to Japan. The salon on base was less than optimal (from reviews around base) but I tried it and did not like. And I even tried the Aveda salon off base (which was a HUGE fail that left me with greenish grey hair that got covered up with orange). And then, an angel sent from Heaven appeared in Dusty (Urban Girl Hair Design). A friend had recommended her, and then as I saw the hair color of a few of my friends DRAMATICALLY improve... I knew I had to have her. It has been a year now and I still <3 her. She is booked beyond belief (#1 because she is the only licensed stylist on base and #2 because she is wickedly cool and #3 because she does amazing hair) so I am grateful that I am able to get an appointment (at least for the time being :-)!

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