Saturday, November 6, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #5...

Today I am thankful for all of the special activities they offer on base. This week alone we have been to Kids Klub (every wednesday night), First Friday (offered on the first friday of every month - the other fridays we usually go to make-your-own pizza or chilis), Viking Challenge and Oktoberfest. The base really makes a great effort to let people get involved with these things - at a very minimal cost.

Wednesday was Kids Klub, but we didn't stay long because Gavin was getting sick. But they have huge screens with tv shows, great food, and games with prizes for all. Kids are free - so it costs me about $9 total for the night. They have lots of food to choose from too!

Friday was the First Friday. They played Meet the Robinsons and Finding Nemo on big screens, had 2 jumpy houses, ice cream bar, kids karaoke and door prizes. Again, all for about $10.

Today (Saturday), Patrick participated in the Viking Challenge - a 12 hour run, alternating one mile laps between team mates. I think there were 8-12 people on a team...but it is still harder than it sounds. I tried to be 'sweet' and bring some donuts - but I guess people running as hard as they can for a mile don't really eat donuts in between miles. Oh well, it's the thought that counts! We went and visited Daddy a few times - but were a little bored by watching people run (especially if it wasn't Patrick). So the kids and I headed over to Oktoberfest. It was an absolute GORGEOUS day outside (sunny, high 60's, slight breeze) so it made for a wonderful afternoon. Mommy got some yummy beers (the only thing that you had to pay for) and the kids got to go on bounce houses, trampoline bouncers, make your own cookies, games, food, balloon guy, music, Yokota Idol, etc. Everyone had a great time - but I think Patrick is divorcing me because I kept sending him pics of my beers while he was running. Oops!

And tomorrow we are going with the ITT (travel company on base) to Mt Fuji for a safari ride. We meet early, take a bus and they take care of everything! It makes exploring Japan so much easier!

So I am grateful for all the effort put into the events on base. There really is something for everyone! I just wish that they didn't coincide on the same day - it would have been nice for Patrick to go to Oktoberfest with us!

It truly is such a great place to get involved as much or as little as you like. But the volunteers and organizers really make every event so much fun!!!

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