Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thanksgiving Countdown #15...

Today I am thankful for game nights.

Sometimes people think I am competitive. I have no clue what makes them think this, but since more than one person has said it...I guess it must have some merit.

Last night I went to the Medical Auxiliary Group's Bunko night. It was a great time, and I won one of the prizes (not that I am keeping track of that stuff :-) I also play in a weekly Mah Jongg game - which definitely helps get my competitiveness a chance to break out!!!

I loved me some game nights in Ohio too. Even if I was playing with some people who English was not their first language. Even is some people didn't know that when the beeper starts going faster - it means the time is running out. Even if no one wanted to be on my team because they thought I would be mad if our team lost. I truly always looked forward to it...even if the other people cheated and I ended up not winning somehow. Sometimes, I even learned a few things...(dirty pictionary really helps you get to know your friends and neighbors)!

I love playing games with my kids. Candyland, Connect Four, match 'em up, touch screen games... and we all know I love playing Wii with Patrick ;-)

I am looking forward to finding friends in Japan to play with. If any will have me after reading this post.

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